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Feeding, Leading, Praising - The Friday Finish, February 2, 2024

Agricultural Science, Culinary Arts and Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron are three of the successful pathways of Red Bird STEAM. Red Bird Christian School students learn practical skills that are beneficial now and later after they graduate.

Feeding  The area served by Red Bird is recognized as a food desert because local general stores do not have fresh fruits and vegetables. Many families don’t have the transportation and financial resources to get to larger towns for fresh food access.

The Agricultural Science students planted a garden at the school at the beginning of the school year that provided practical experience and food for their lunchroom tables. The last cabbage was harvested just days before the severe winter hit in January.

Culinary Arts students then prepped the cabbage and prepared a delicious smoked sausage and cabbage dish. Ag Science and Culinary Arts students in these pathways are contributing to their communities now and preparing for futures in food production and service.

Leading Leadership training has been a priority at RBCS for years, and this year the first school-based Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet Squadron in Kentucky started at Red Bird. After months of rigorous training and examinations, ten exemplary cadets were elevated to the rank of Cadet/Airmen (C/Amn), a testament to their dedication

and mastery of character development, leadership, aerospace education, core values, drill and ceremony, radio communications, and emergency services.

School Counselor Melanie Adams when asked what benefits she has seen from having a CAP school program said, “I have seen several students whose participation in CAP has been the deciding factor in turning negative behaviors around. These students are now class leaders and are making positive choices due to their participation in the program.”

Praising  The “A” in STEAM represents “Arts” because we believe the arts are important in

creating a well-rounded community. The Praise Dance Team at RBCS has become an avenue for students to perform expressive dance using contemporary Christian music that is shared at student chapels, basketball games and other events. The mission of the group is to provide a unique form of Christ-centered worship for the dancers and for their audiences. Charitable gifts are needed to support these students in their pursuit of worship expression.

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