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Age Doesn't Matter – Learning More to Serve More – Helping People Hear Again - Motor City Connections

The Friday Finish – March 22, 2024

Age Doesn’t Matter

Ages 5-85 Have Fun With Health

The young students popped off the rug and hurried to the nursing student standing on one side of the room. Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade students learned a little more about themselves and decision making that impacts mental and physical health this week. One nursing student role-played crying and the students were given the choice – go ask if you could help or leave them alone. Everybody chose to help. 

College of Nursing students from the University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK) and the University of Kentucky (UK) were at Red Bird this week providing health information through a variety of activities that included fun games, one-on-one conversations, and measuring vital signs. The nurses broke into smaller groups to work principally at Red Bird Christian School on the Queendale Campus and the DeWall Senior Center on the Beverly Campus. Free instruction like this week’s opportunities is important to children and adults living in the Red Bird service area due to transportation and isolation issues for the majority.

Participants at the DeWall Senior Center sat down for personal interviews aimed at creating healthier lifestyles. One nursing student from Nevada was somewhat surprised that needed services were so far away, but pleased to know that Red Bird provides so much to fill the service gaps in the communities. The most enjoyable time for the DeWall Center participants was the balloon toss circle while listening to country music. One lady said,

“We were wore out!” 

Learning More to Serve More

The principle of life-long learning is part of Red Bird Christian School’s mission statement, but Red Bird staff also practice life-long learning to improve their service to our communities. Last week, Vicki Caldwell and Tammy Adams attended the “Savor the Flavor” cooking workshop at the local cooperative extension service. They will be putting into practice ways to use different types of oils and vinegars to enhance flavors and improve nutrition.

Colleen Sturgill, Maci Gray, Kayla Collett and Candace Litton have been attending classes to become certified in the Kentucky Homeplace Community Health Workers program. Kentucky Homeplace sends Community Health Workers to Red Bird for special clinics and to assist with health insurance issues, medical device needs and many other health issues on special days randomly through the year. Once these ladies complete apprenticeships, community members in our area will be able to receive services to solve health issues any day they come to Queendale.

Helping People Hear Again

Audiologist and speech professionals came today from near and far (Corbin, Lexington and Cincinnati) to offer free hearing and speech screenings for residents in our region and Red Bird Christian School students. Tracy Nolan, Red Bird Community Outreach Director, has been organizing these free events that happen about every three months for 15 years. Schools of audiology at Indiana University and University of Cincinnati have been sending students to work with established professionals.

Today, Dr. Liz Rogers of Corbin has returned with colleagues that, like her, were first exposed to the hearing health needs at Red Bird while they were in audiology school. Hearing screenings are being performed and some of the 600 people that received hearing aids over the years have returned for adjustments and to pick up batteries. The volunteer audiologists have funded hearing aids and repair materials through corporate donations, private donations, international charitable organizations, local churches and civic groups.

The hundreds served through these clinics are grateful because they are unable to travel the long distances to audiology clinics and the cost of hearing devices due to their financial situation. Many are still waiting to get hearing aids because there is no funding available currently. The testimonies of restored hearing and full participation in their communities over the years come from children, young adult and older adults.

People needing hearing aids but unable to buy them need your support. Give to Community Aid and designate "Hearing Health Care" in the comment box.

Motor City Connections Campaign

Last year, Work Camp team members from the First United Methodist Church of Brighton, Michigan made a commitment to help improve the always aging fleet of vans used to transport tools and materials to repair community homes. Since they’re right near the locus of automobile manufacturing and know people in the auto industry, it was logical they use their connections with churches, businesses and other Red Bird supporters to put on a campaign for vehicles. They will soon have enough funds to buy a good, used van for Red Bird, but one company came forward with a donation of a utility truck this week that is sorely needed in the Mission maintenance department.

Vehicles are needed in all of our programs that are reaching over 10,000 people each year. We need passenger vans, mini vans, utility vans, trucks and sedans to carry out our mission. If you'd like to help, give to Mission General and designate "Vehicle Fund" in the comment box.

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