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NASA Eclipse - Quick Start - Donations Rolling - KY Gives

Updated: Apr 13

The Friday Finish – April 12, 2024

While their colleagues were dismissed early on April 8th in advance of the solar eclipse, Red Bird STEAM Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadets were busy conducting NASA research.  Queendale Center on the Red Bird Mission campus became one of 630 data collection sites across the United States measuring temperature, wind speed, atmospheric conditions and the effects on VHF radio operations as the solar eclipse took place.

Cadet Airman Estep reported that students were told that the data collected will be used to help improve weather/climate models and forecasting for as long as 500 years. Red Bird only saw a partial eclipse of about 90%, but students reported that temperatures dropped and radio communications were lost at the maximum point of eclipse.

Estep ended her report saying,

“This is really a great program, and I’m happy to be a part of it!”

Track Team Quick Start - Skyleigh sets another school record!

Last year, Skyleigh Davidson set the Red Bird School record in the 800 meters, and she’s back setting records this year. She’s now added the 400 meter race to her events, and she broke the school record that stood for over a decade last Friday with a time of 1:10.67. She followed up that performance by lowering her time another two seconds on Tuesday of this week.

There’s lots of promise on this year’s team being developed by Head Coach Angela Crawford (in her 31st year at Red Bird), Assistant Coach Jacob Carroll, and Field Events Coach Clifford Berry. Felix Onusumba set the school record for discus last year, and plans to qualify again for state championships in discus. He leads a slate of experienced and “up and coming” throwing athletes. Skyleigh and her female teammates are all performing well, and the new edition of the boys 4 x 800 relay team already looks good enough to turn heads at regional championships this year.

Donations Rolling in Daily

The Red Bird Community Store would not be able to serve the surrounding region without the volunteer efforts of supporters across the country that collect, pack, transport and unload donations each week. Every week is busy for the staff and volunteers, but Tuesday morning was a good example of one of those busy times when two 26-foot trucks from Alabama and a trailer from Ohio unloaded at the Community Store warehouse.

The donations of furniture and household appliances are in high demand, and are extremely important in responding to emergency family situations. Good, used clothing is appreciated by families that qualify for Clothing Assistance, and sales of all items are providing much needed jobs for those working at the Community Store.

Food and uniform donations also blessed us this week. Sgt. Andrew Komula, an active duty Air Force reserve member from Pittsburgh PA, collected uniforms from the Civil Air Patrol squadron and Air Force Personnel on the Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station. Sgt. Komula rented a trailer, packed all the uniforms, and drove 8 hours to deliver the uniforms yesterday to the Red Bird Cadet Squadron.

The “Faithful 4” from the Pioneer Sunday School Class in Louisville, KY dropped off much needed food today for the food pantries. This month’s load was purchased at discount with donations from the class.

Thank you to everyone contributing items for use in our Red Bird programs and Community Store.

Kentucky Gives 2024 – May 7th

It’s time to spread the word about Kentucky Gives Day, a day focused on giving to charitable organizations in Kentucky. Red Bird Mission signed on over a decade ago as one of the initial participating nonprofit organizations. Spring and summer support is difficult for all nonprofits so KY Gives is a huge boost to enabling us to continue serving the needs of the people in our part of Kentucky.

The emphasis is for online giving, but the opportunity is open to anyone mailing in a check to count for the day. Matching gifts are being procured now so that every donation given for KY Gives 24 can be doubled. If you, or a group of your friends would like put up a matching gift, contact us. We’ll announce closer to the date how much matching money will be available.

Circle the day, and tell your friends to save some charity dollars for Red Bird Mission on May 7th! Every donation makes a difference to someone here.

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