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"I want to help..." - Circuits - Celebration - Shoe Health - Easter Joy

Updated: Mar 30

The Friday Finish – March 29, 2024

"I want to help people in need."

Red Bird Christian School (RBCS) hosted the Kentucky Blood Center (KBC) Bloodmobile on Tuesday for the first time in eight years to give our students, staff and community members opportunity to help bolster area blood supplies. Colleen Sturgill, Red Bird Community Health Coordinator, has been working for several weeks to coordinate the visit, publicize the day, and schedule appointments in advance. Thirty-nine (39) lives were saved through the blood collected at RBCS on Tuesday.

Colleen said, “We would like to thank the Kentucky Blood Center for coming and hosting this drive for us.  Also, we’d like to send out a big, “Thank You!” to all those that came out to donate. 

KBC technicians said that the 19 registrants came through at a good pace. They said, “We haven’t had too much time between donors but been also haven’t had people standing in line waiting to give.”

Mrs. Jennifer Wilder reported that six of the student donors that registered were giving for the first time. When asked why they decided to donate, helping others was the common motivation.

Sarah: "I love the thought of helping people--of saving a life. It was so cool! Then I did it and the nurse said it [my donation] actually saved three!"

Josue: "I knew it was going to help someone...even someone I don't know."

Felix: "I want to help people in need. That person could have been me!"

 Sarah’s advice to someone considering donating: "Don't be afraid. It didn't hurt that bad. Focus on the difference you can make."

Circuits, agar, saline, wind & solar

Electricity, bacteria, osmosis, aeronautical wing design, chemical preservation, tiny home construction, and alternative energy designs were just a few of the areas of science and technology that Red Bird Christian School students showcased on Tuesday evening at the Science and Technology Fair. The knowledge that students demonstrated as they explained their scientific from design to experimentation to conclusions was impressive for those coming out.

Some elementary students teamed up to combined their knowledge of electricity to teach people about electrical systems and their natural surroundings. Their circuit boards lit up when a table visitor correctly matched native species of fish or wildflowers. Another elementary table display dismissed the myth that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human mouth with the results they found from mouth swabs cultured on agar over time. And, Gummy Bears succumbed to water submersion to demonstrate how osmosis varies according the type of water solutions.

Middle and high school students upped the game to practical living topics through their designs for homes. International students designed efficient homes with beautiful designs appropriate for economically disadvantaged populations in their home countries. Aiden and Muluken were excited to share with visitors their model home powered by solar and wind that they created using their skills in 3-D design and printing.

Celebration Time!

The middle and elementary school volleyball girls celebrated the end of their seasons with a party at the school on Wednesday. These young ladies worked hard this season and competed well throughout our region. Besides learning volleyball skills, they learned teamwork and built deeper personal relationships. The 5/6 grade team finished the year as 13th Region All ‘A’ runners up for the 2nd year in row!

A great big thank you to the coaches, Akela Smallwood and Kaitlyn Asher, both Red Bird School alumnae and great volleyball players “back in their time!” Also, a standing ovation to the commitment and sacrifice of the parents, grandparents, family and friends that supported and encouraged our girls throughout the season.

Shoes for Better Health

Sixteen (16) community residents will soon be walking more easily and with a greater peace of mind in a few weeks. The University of Kentucky Homeplace program conducted another Diabetic Shoe Clinic at Red Bird Community Outreach on Thursday morning. The Clay County Diabetes Coalition came to counsel with registrants while they waited their turn for measurement.

The special shoes will provide better support to help with those circulatory problems that can plague those suffering from diabetes. It is also the opportunity for trained professionals to spot problems as was the case with one person today.

Kim Smith, Kentucky Homeplace Community Health Worker, provides publicity and coordinates the clinics weeks in advance of the date. She provides the medical forms necessary, too, so that diabetes patients can be fitted and shoes ordered on the day of the clinic.

When asked if how the clinic was going this week, she said, “I believe that the clinic will continue to grow so that we’ll have to schedule additional time on these dates.” 

Student Leaders Spread Easter Joy!

The Red Bird School National Honor Society called on the middle school and high school classroom student leaders to join them in preparing an Easter Egg Hunt for the elementary students on Thursday afternoon, the last day of classes before Easter Break. Felix, NHS member, said the called on the classroom officers to help them hide eggs, and assist the young students during the hunt.

The weather was on the cool side but the sunshine and the joy of discovering plastic eggs filled with candy warmed hearts and souls of everyone present. Each group was given a maximum count (20-30 depending on the group) that they could keep, but one boy wound up with only 12 eggs after all the eggs were found in one area. Principal Wilder asked the group if everyone could help by giving one egg. One of his friends stepped up to help above and beyond the request. He took two eggs out and placed them in the boy’s basket!

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