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Hunger Shows Up, Even in Winter - The Friday Finish, January 26, 2024

More than 200 commodity boxes were prepared by Red Bird Mission staff and families able to get to Queendale in spite of the snowy conditions the week of the Martin Luther King holiday. Schools were still not in session in southeastern Kentucky because of the snow-covered back roads and frigid temperatures.

This picture tells the story of hunger in Appalachia. Several were lined up before Candace, Red Bird’s Family Ministries Coordinator, opened the doors for the monthly commodity distribution at Red Bird Mission. Who risks “life and limb” to come out of the holler in these conditions before the doors open? Every person’s box would be there the next day if they couldn’t get there on Tuesday. These “early birds” came because hunger woke up early in their homes.

Give a gift today to enable Red Bird Mission to continue the work of hunger relief in Appalachia.

Gratitude "from the bottom of my heart”         

Some may wonder if those receiving assistance at Red Bird Mission are grateful, or not. Do they take everything for granted? Tracy Nolan, Community Outreach Director, shared some of the messages left by clients in a sealed comment box. One client recently left her story of Red Bird’s impact on her.

“You have helped me have food when I had nothing. I have been so hungry before [that] I ate out of my food box on the way home. My child has received Christmas gifts from you. I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.”

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