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Food or Dental? Sleeping on the Couch "Stop the Bleed"

Updated: Feb 22

The Friday Finish – February 16, 2024

A Mother’s Choice – Food or Dental Care?

A working mother with 3 school-age children with no dental insurance had been turned away from many other clinics due to her inability to pay all the costs up front. Because payment was an issue, she either could take the money away from her family, or do without treatment. She chose the latter (do without treatment). As a result, her dental problems became worse.

One evening while scrolling through social media (Facebook), she saw the Red Bird Dental Clinic page and read about our program to help with the costs of dental treatment. Based on our guidelines for poverty, she qualified for our financial assistance program. She received treatment for an abscessed tooth which eventually required a root canal and crown.

“I was so thankful to learn about the patient assistance program. I didn’t have to worry about

how I was going to afford to pay for treatment. The program paid for the majority of the costs, with very little coming from my pocket which meant I didn’t have to worry about my kids doing without food or worry about which bill I would have to skip in order to pay for my dental care. Thank you Red Bird Dental Clinic!”

The patient assistance program at Red Bird Dental Clinic is funded by donations and grants solicited from various foundations.

You can help someone in need like this mother by donating monthly to Red Bird Dental Clinic.

Sleeping on the Couch

She was sleeping on her couch because her bedroom floor was collapsing. Red Bird Mission Work Camp volunteers brought joy to that widow. Team members replaced the floor joists complete with new flooring so she could once again sleep in her bed in her bedroom!

Work Camp staff have scores of projects scouted out and prioritized from almost 200 home applications for the new season that begins February 25th. A lot of these homes have more than one problem that needs attention such as a roof fixed before repairs are made to the ceiling and walls where it has leaked on them for who knows how long.  Floors are wearing away from water damage, or termite damage over time.  Ramps are needed for elderly or handicapped people who have difficulty getting up and down stairs into their homes. 

Cabins have been deep cleaned. The Cardinal House and leaders meeting rooms are waxed. Lisa and Miranda are making sure that everything is ready to go in the kitchen, and vans are getting serviced for the upcoming season, too. Currently, 12 projects are assigned to 109 people coming through the first 4 weeks of Work Camp. Last year, we had 1,107 work crew members come to serve, and we are praying to reach 1,300 this year. There’s room for more – 1,000 more! Are you interested in coming to help make homes safe and healthy for people in need?

 “Stop the Bleed”, C-Sections and Sterile Dressing

Red Bird Christian School students interested in health care careers got a jump start in the health care field when they learned about “Stop the Bleed”, a special initiative that taught them how they can safely stop blood loss in emergency situations. They also witnessed a simulation of a C-section set up, practiced sterile dressing for surgery, and learned about in-demand health care careers directly from current industry professionals from a variety of local hospitals this week at the SOAR Health Care Careers Pathway Fair in Corbin, Kentucky.

Students talked with staff from Pineville Community Health Center, Baptist Health of Corbin, Appalachian Regional Healthcare, St. Joseph’s (London), local colleges and a variety of employers! They learned that there are plenty of jobs in health care and that for many positions, education does not mean a long-term commitment.  In fact, some employers are willing to do on-the-job training for quick-fill positions, such as nurse aides or CNA's. 

Hunter Collett, a senior at RBCS, said "I am so excited to learn about the opportunities available to me in this area when I graduate.  It's a relief knowing I can find work close to home after I finish my training in Health Informatics."

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