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Choral All-Stars, Bingocise & Fish

The Friday Finish – February 23, 2024

Choral All-Stars in Lexington

Most young men in Kentucky are focused on basketball during February as high school and

college teams are positioning for post season play, but several from Red Bird Christian Schooled joined a different team recently. Nate (RBCS Music Director) and Mark Smallwood (Accompanist and former Music Director), transported eight men chosen from their students to participate in the male chorus day at University of Kentucky on Saturday, February 17th.

Rehearsal started at 10:00 am in the Singletary Center for the Arts on the UK campus. The one-time-only choir comprised of young men from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky learned four new songs that morning and afternoon. The culmination was a 4:00 pm performance that filled the hall and lifted the spirits of all present.

Three former Red Bird men visited with the group testifying to the special comradery created through this special musical opportunity for students. The group continued a tradition of lunch at Papa John's and supper at Raising Cane's.

Mr. Smallwood said, “Our men did an outstanding job through the whole time and enjoyed our time together. We are so proud of the guys and were thankful for the chance to be with them that day. Six of the eight had participated in men's choir before and our two new ones said they would definitely do it again if they had the opportunity.” 

A Story Walk, Bingocise, and a Treadmill

Winter can be a challenging time for staying healthy but alumni, students and staff at Red Bird are providing options for all to keep active. Colleen Sturgill, Red Bird Community Health Coordinator, stays busy updating and facilitating appropriate exercise options for families, workers and senior adults.

Colleen continues leading the fun and popular Bingocise at the DeWall Senior Center. Bingocise was first recommended by the beloved Dr. Everett Schaefer after he became a proponent of appropriate exercise for the elderly during his retirement.

Red Bird Christian School students Felix and Jarron lent a hand on a warm January day to change out the Story Walk at the school. The story walk helps keep small children engaged by walking to the next station to continue reading the next page of the book that’s posted.

The treadmills in the employee workout room donated years ago were no longer functioning

but a recent donation by Otis “Odie” Carroll, Red Bird School Alumnus and Red Bird Board Member, is now encouraging staff to stay active on cold, winter days. Some tackle the elliptical but the treadmills are a better option for many that need to start an exercise regimen or need a low impact means to stay heart healthy.  

Cardinal Café Fish and Fundraising

The Cardinal Café has become well known for the good food it dishes up through the week, but Kelton Adams, Red Bird Economic Opportunities Director, and his staff are also helping to support community needs. The vision cast by Executive Director Kari Collins that the café would be a community gathering and building is reality just a year after opening.

Area families have used the location for birthday parties, baby showers, and even for families to gather from out-of-state to celebrate marriages. Maker spaces and work spaces in the former crafts warehouse are used to give individuals space to access the internet for work and increase production that wasn’t possible where they live. The Cardinal Café staff provided meals at the Red Bird School Christmas Bazaar, and their fish fry fundraising events benefitted the cheerleaders and overall support of the school.

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