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Winter Work Camp Group Application

Winter Workcamp cost is $250 per person.

Applicants may also choose to download, fill out the application and mail a check for $100 to 

Red Bird Mission, Inc. Workcamp 

70 Queendale Center Beverly, KY 40913

Winter projects are primarily on campus. We work to support the Maintenance Department. We are also involved in Workcamp preparations for the next year, which may include cabin remodels, kitchen and Cardinal House remodels, Bathroom repairs, Electrical, etc. Most of our work is inside due to weather related constraints.

We will be corresponding directly with your Group Leader so please make sure all contact information (especially Email) is supplied above. Contact us if your leader changes, including the new contact information.


Please read the “RED BIRD MISSION WORK CAMP 2024 LEADER’S GUIDE” it can be downloaded along with our Work Camp Brochure, which you should distribute to every member of your Work Camp group.

Is this the Group’s first trip to Red Bird Mission? If yes, we highly recommend you contact us to answer your questions before completing this application.
Do you prefer to have information mailed to:

Work Camp Volunteer Details


Please estimate as closely as possible. If you are later blessed with more people, please call our office to see if we can accommodate your new group size.

THE WORK CAMP WEEK BEGINS SUNDAY P.M. AND ENDS FRIDAY A.M. Please choose your preferred Sunday PM start date.

Please indicate if there is a specific type of project that may be of interest to your group
What is the nature of your group?
Please indicate your date choice
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